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4 Dec 2013

Northern Christians allege discrimination

KADUNA—The Chairman of the Northern Christian Elders’ Forum, NOSCEF,, Elder Saidu Dogo, yesterday lamented the high level of discrimination against Christians in the 19 northern states.
He said that Muslims from neighbouring countries like Chad and Mali living in the area were treated better than natives who were native Christians.
Dogo spoke shortly after the inauguration of the new executives of NOSCEF in Kaduna, yesterday.
He said that the population of Christians in the north was grossly under-stated to serve the selfish motives of their Muslim oppressors, pointing out that of the nine million people said to reside in Kano State for instance, Christians had between three and and four million.
He said: “One of the major problems we have in the north is the marginalisation that we face by the very unfair way which our population has been grossly underestimated.
“For example, of the said nine million in Kano State, very little people know or even believe that Christians make between three and four million; including the non-native Christians.
“The most sad thing is that most Nigerians do not know that Kano State has a sizeable number of indigenous Hausa who are devout Christians, because they have been branded as very minute minority.”


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