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4 Dec 2013

65-year-old hit-and-run victim battles in pains

Since December 2012, following a hit-and-run incident along Asaba-Onitsha Expressway, 65-year old Rita Obi, has been battling  pains of an injured  left foot crushed in the incident.
Mama Obi, as she is fondly called, recounted how she was forced to relocate to Lagos in July this year, in search of medical assistance and succour. Unfortunately, she  became stranded, and has since pitched tent under the bridge at Ojuelegba.
Speaking to Health & Living, Rita, an old girl of Mary-Moun College, Agbor, Delta State, narrated how she became stranded. She said it occurred following discovery that the Church she had visited in the hope of getting help – the Morning Star Assembly on Rufai Street, Ojuelegba -  had closed shop.
Every effort to get details of the relocation proved futile, and six months on, Mama Obi still resides under the bridge in severe pains, at the mercy of the elements of the weather.
Her account: “It all happened in December 2012, in my hometown in Asaba town of Delta State, I was hit by an articulated vehicle along the Asaba/Onitsha Expressway, when I squatted to urinate in the drainage along the road. The driver probably had a break failure and was struggling to control the vehicle. As he was coming towards me, I quickly jumped up, unfortunately for me, the vehicle smashed  my left foot, and since then, I have been in pains.”
Rita, who made an appeal for aid, recalled she initially treated the wound on her own in Asaba, where she had lived since her husband’s demise in Utobuno, Kwale Delta State, in 2008.
“His people drove me away, when he died and I had no option than to return to my hometown. We had a daughter, who is presently in Port-Harcourt.  I have not set my eyes on her for so many years now.”
Journey to Lagos
Asked why she left her people in Asaba to Lagos, she said: “I came to Lagos about in July this year, with the intention to seek spiritual and medical assistance from my church, Morning Star Assembly, in Rufai Street, Ojuelegba, Lagos. On coming here, things fell apart. I discovered that the church has moved out of the building which it occupied while I was still in Lagos, before my husband’s demise. While I was in Lagos, we used to have a steady prophet in the church who counsels and prays for people with health and spiritual challenges.
Horrible experience
“Under this bridge , I ‘m mercilessly drenched by the rain and unprotected under the scorching sun. On many occasions, I call little children or even adults to buy food for me, they steal my money, leaving me hungry, because I can’t walk.
“Each time I try to walk, I fell terrible pains. It’s regrettable that even little children would abscond with  my money. Clothes and food items given to me by people are often stolen at night by area boys. I really feel bad being stranded here in Lagos,” she lamented.
SOS to Uduaghan
“I have been stranded in Lagos since July this year, languishing in pains. As I speak, my leg oozes an offensive odour, which scares people away from me. I am calling on Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan of Delta State, to come to my aid here in Lagos, to save me from this predicament before I die.
“The Governor is a detribalised Nigerian. He’s doing a good job in Delta State, so I hope he would come to my aid. I need to be hospitalised. I’m a contented person, and I believe if I’m cured of of this swollen leg, I can fend for myself thereafter.”


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