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22 Dec 2013

Girl Packs Her Gun In Search Of Guy That Impregnated Her And Ran Away. See Facebook Message – PHOTO

This woman is looking for her boyfriend on facebook. The guy blocked her and disappeared after impregnating her. lol! While the dude was skinning dip into a mentally deranged lady, he thought he got swag….and now that his ass his grassed, he is on the run. The guy better man up and come out from hiding to clean his mess before kastala go happen. rodflmao.
Read how she captioned the picture after the cut:
Keneisha Bucknor krave post this fi me u see the one christopher alexander williams weh born november 4 1987 and u madda name marcia and u father dead u gwaan go round me call yuh hear u nuh wah own up yuh baby, weh u f**k me without boots fan dem mek me tell yuh this blood claat if u nuh come mine u baby and come gi me some support me ago find u rass and duppy yuh bumbohole people me a beg u fi share this cause him block me pon fb and me wah him see this me a come fi yuh bumbohole jus wait man.


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