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23 Dec 2013

Flockcare: You can now worship on your mobile phone

That technology is fast changing the world is no longer news. In fact it has come to a point where we almost can no longer notice a new change, having become immune to the surprise and sudden changes that technology bring to almost everything around us.
Today, most of the tasks that took years to achieve, take just seconds in the magical world of technology.
The way people interact with each other, socially and business wise have totally changed- advancement is the new name!
But there is just about one area that technological innovation has not permeated so well -the Church. The Church itself has been a change agent but at a time like now it probably could do with a change from outside.
Already, a foremost software Development Company, eKnowvate Solutions Limited, has come up with a new mobile application, FlockCare, which manages discipleship and create interactive engagement with the wide body of the church.
The application offers the subscribing church members instant access to audio sermons and teachings of Sunday service, mid-week and special programmes directly uploaded and made available all the time and anywhere.
The Flockcare application enables effortless upload of video clips and allows seamless integration with YouTube. Videos can be streamed, allowing the church congregation to view them wherever they go and can also help connect the congregation in a prayer wall as it allows members to stay connected and post individual prayer requests from their smart phones.
The mobile application can be made available on Blackberry, iPhone and Android mobile platforms. It specifically brings church overseers and administrators closer to the congregation through a 2-way information platform.
Developers of the software, said that the software gives church members timely information on church programmes, events and sub-group meetings in order to actively participate and network.
flockcare can be specially branded for any church and made available for download globally in the Apple store and Android marketplace.
Speaking on the idea behind the development of the software, the Marketing Manager, eKnowvate Solutions Ltd, Mrs. Ayomiku Ojeyomi stated that, “with the invigorated pace of evangelism, technological advancement and human mobility, the church in effectively carrying out its work of evangelism has to respond more radically to the management of church growth in discipleship and follow up of new converts beyond the traditional approach of one-on-one visitation”.


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