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22 Dec 2013

Couple Arrested After They Got Married Completely Nude While Crowd Watched

A couple were arrested on their wedding day as they tie the knot after stripping nak-ed in the street to campaign against San Francisco’s ban on public nudity. 
The bride Gypsy Taub, 44, and groom Jamyz Smith, 20 were arrested within a few minutes after they exchanged vows.
According to Taub: ‘This is a protest against the nud-ity ban as much as it is a wedding. I know that the people of San Francisco are behind me.’
The service was reportedly conducted by nudity activist George Davis, an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church.
After a short reading from his ‘holy book,’ entitled ‘Erotic Art,’ Davis said: ‘I pronounce you man and wife,’ adding: ‘Kiss and conjugate.’
 ‘People celebrate in whatever way they feel comfortable,’ one of the well-wishers of the couple said, adding: ‘It’s a wonderful thing that they are doing. Nobody is being hurt. Nobody is being damaged.
Some of the wedding party held banners targeting the man they felt is responsible for the introducing the ban, the unfortunately named Scott Wiener, some of which read: ‘Mind your own Wiener,’ ‘Scott Wiener should be aware of his own shortcomings.’
Taub was later issued a citation and released provided that she put the gown back on.


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