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17 Nov 2013

News: No challenge can make the Church to fail, says cleric

Abia – The General Vice President, General Conference of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church Worldwide, Dr Benjamin Schoun, said the church of Jesus Christ had not failed even in the face numerous challenges.
Schoun said this while admonishing the church and its workers at the inauguration of the Eastern Nigeria Union Conference of the church in Aba on Saturday .
He said the argument of people not going to church because the church was not living by what it was preaching was wrong and such people needed a change of mind.
Schoun said Christ foresaw the numerous challenges the church would face, and promised that the gates of hell would not prevail over it.
According to him, Jesus’s promise to build His church means that there is nothing any man can do to stop the church or build it without His help.
“Let it be known to you that no matter your effort and knowledge, it is Christ and not any man that builds His church,” he said.
He said Jesus’s promise to give the keys of the kingdom to the church was an indication that the church was to reach out to all men with the message of salvation to set them free from the devil.
Schoun said God needed upright, gifted and committed men to serve in the vineyard to fulfil God’s purpose of calling men to His service.
He, therefore, urged Christians to enlist in the work and service of God to fulfil the purpose for which God had for kept His children in the world.
Responding, the church’s Inaugural President, Eastern Nigeria Union Conference, Dr Bassey Udoh, thanked the leaders of the church for creating an Eastern conference.
Udoh thanked God for involving the people of the Eastern conference in His work, and promised that they would do their best to advance the work.
He prayed to God for strength and wisdom for all his servants in the conference to serve Him faithfully.
According to him, they are working to achieve 16 conferences from their territory before 2015.
He said they had the vision of making all pastors serve with ease no matter where they come from and where they were posted to serve. (NAN)


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