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25 Nov 2013

God is in control — Welcome back GEJ from Israel

It is a fact that our country is facing enormous challenges. It is also true that we have the required human capital to tackle these challenges but for the corrupt and inept leadership at all levels of governance.
The gateway to the solution therefore is to have a genuine God-fearing leader at the helm of affairs showing the way by personal examples.
It was with this in mind that we followed all the activities of Mr President during his recent pilgrimage to Jerusalem. We noticed his resolve to get closer to God, he even promised improvements at future election exercises. For a believer, relationship with God is a personal thing, so when Dr Goodluck Jonathan makes  promises and supplications to the almighty God, it is not the duty of us mere mortals to criticize and rubbish his actions as they relate to the spiritual.
However, we must highlight the fact that the Almighty God gave certain conditions to be met before our prayers receive His blessings, one of which is to observe and obey His laws as written in the holy book.
One of the rules is that one should not steal. Has Jonathan resolved to tackle this cankerworm that is threatening the existence of this country? He can start by decisively resolving all issues relating to the BMW bulletproof cars and extend the investigation to all other ministries and parastatals. It is well with the righteous.
The holy book also says that we should love our neighbours as ourselves. As the President returns, it is hoped that he has put past misgivings behind. All his erstwhile traducers like Sylva, Amaechi et al, should be granted unconditional pardon with new and progressive relationship planted, for except you forgive those that offend you God will not listen.
The holy book also says that we should not be covetous. Anything that belong to your neighbour should not be coveted by you. In your position as President, you must begin to consider this very important injunction of the Almighty God.
Have you taken into consideration every ethnic nationality that is in this geographical expression called Nigeria? Have you noticed that each of them came up under peculiar circumstances? Have you taken note of these circumstances? What I mean here is, whether you have taken note of their peculiar needs. You are to give equity and equal representation to all ethnic nationalities in this country, that is the demand of the United Nations. You must also take care of them in the allocation of resources.
Even in the South-South region, we notice a manifestation of a predominantly Ijaw representation at the Federal Government level. What happened to the other ethnic groups in the South-South?
If you are giving positions and resources only to your own people, you are coveting and the Almighty God does not like that. Now that you are back from Israel and haven drawn closer to God, it is hoped that previous act of inequitable distribution and allocation of resources will be a thing of the past. By doing so, all of your prayers will be answered by God.
The Almighty God also says that we must not bow down to any other god or worship him. Bowing down to mere mortals like you does no credit to your relationship with the Almighty God. Therefore, let no man be indispensable in your present administration. Do not allow yourself to be misled by so-called elders who have in the past helped to run this country aground and are now prancing over the whole place playing ‘gods’. If you are truly in tune with God you will not yield to their negative advices. If you are with God, you will not fear, for the holy book says: ‘Thou should not fear but hold your peace’. The one to fear is the Almighty God. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Fear God only and not any man.
The only way to fear God is to listen to His commandments. If you work in line with God’s tenets, you will please the people. Your interest is in the progress of the people. When the people are happy, God is happy. It is said that the voice of the people is the voice of God.
Initiate programmes that will benefit the people and not a miserable thieving few; through this the people will be behind you and whatever is your prayer wish will be answered by God.
The examples are many but space contraints will not allow me to list all here, one thing is sure. If you have truly sought God and have resolved on His injunctions, you can be rest assured, God is in control. Welcome back Mr President from Israel.
Mr Sunny Ikhioya, a commentator on national issues, wrote from Lagos


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